Meet Our Speakers

On Saturday, October 14, TEDxChandlerPublicLibrary presents Connect! In our technology driven, ever-evolving world, we crave connection more than ever before. We look to connect in many different ways and forms to have a sense of belonging, purpose and satisfaction. Hear talks from six local speakers who are making connections through research, objects, laughter and presence. What they see in the world may just change your perspective too.

Meet our Speakers.

We look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!

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What is TEDxChandlerPublicLibrary?

Chandler Public Library has a mission to be a place of learning and gathering for the people of our community. We also want to be a catalyst – a place where ideas and possibilities are sparked, a place where people are inspired to dream. When we saw that libraries were starting to apply for TEDx licenses, we knew this was something we had to do.

What is a TEDx? TED is a nonprofit organization “devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading.” Started 30 years ago, TED has grown in an incredible way. The organization created a program called, TEDx, which is a local self-organized event of speakers and TED Talk videos so people can have a TED-like experience without going to one of the two annual TED Conferences.

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